Saturday, May 26, 2012

Star Wars facts and news

This month we are still waiting for Star Wars The Clone Wars season 5.  I might not be right, but if their was a 5th season, it might come out in the fall.  But we never know.  This month's clone trooper is commander Deviss. You might not know him, but he was a actual clone commander.  His armor was red like Commander Fox's and had goggles attached to his helmet like Commander Bly.  He also had that waits skirt and mostly used a rifle, but also carried two D-15 blaster pistols.   You see, George Lucas wanted him to be in Star Wars Episode III, but he thought about changing it.  Instead of having Deviss in the in the movie, George made Commander Bly to take his place.  George didn't know how to make Bly look, so he copied how Deviss looked and changed the armor color to yellow.  If you don't know what Deviss Looks like, here is a picture
of him:
And here is a picture of commander Bly so you know what I mean:
Commander Bly
See how they look alike.
If you want to know more about Commander Deviss, click here
And if you want to know more about Commander Bly, click here

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