Thursday, June 28, 2012

Star wars the force unleashed

I just love the force unleashed and I want you guys to see how awesome it is.  I put up a trailer for you guys to see what it looks like:
A year after Episode III and Darth Vader invades the planet Kashyyk and finds a son of a Jedi, known as Star Killer.  Years later Star Killer is a apprentice of Darth Vader and is close to his destiny of executing the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious A.K.A. the Emperor.  Unaware of Darth Vader having a Apprentice, the Emperor stays cautious, as Senator of the Planet Aldederaun, Bail Organa is secretly forming the Rebel Alliance, with some other senators.

If you want this game for the Xbox-360 Click Here
Xbox-360 version: $19.96

If you want the game for the Playstation2 Click Here
Playstation2 version: $16.98

If you want the game for the DS version Click Here
DS version: $9.99

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