Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Star Wars facts and news

  Now that it is 2013, only two years until The newest Star Wars Episode VII!  I was watching all of the star wars movies on a channel a few days back and it made me realize something, its so strange how things change over the years, first the Clone Wars (episodes II and III), the clones are the good guys, but in the Galactic Civil War (episodes IV, V, and VI), the clones or now stormtroopers are the bad guys, I am just so confused about it.  Also it got me thinking, what army is going to be the enemies in the newest star wars movies?  It can't be the Imperials again since they were destroyed in Episode VI the Return Of The Jedi.  Not to mention another major problem, what if Disney decides to get rid of the original characters, after all, the characters might be to old to be in the film, if you've seen Indiana Jones: Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones+Han Solo) is in his 60's by now, so I don't know if he or our other favorite characters will be seen in the newest movie.  But hopefully our favorite duo, C3-PO and R2-D2 might be in the movie.

This month's clone of the month is RC-1138 and also Delta 38 or by his nickname ''Boss'', was a clone Commando picked by Jango Fett himself.  He was leader of the famous ''Delta Squad'' who first saw action on the Battle of Geonosis.  Their task was to find and eliminate Sun Fac, chief lieutenant of Poggle the Lesser.  They successfully killed him and then was tasked to destroy a under ground droid factory.

RC-1138/ ''Boss''

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