Friday, November 29, 2013

Star Wars WHO WILL WIN!?: Clone Commando V.S. Clone ARC Trooper

  We all know how skilled A.R.C. troopers (Advanced Recon Commando) and Clone commandos are, but which one would win in a fight to the death???  Its up to you viewers to decide who will win in a battle to the death between ARC troopers and Clone commandos.

Clone Commandos                                                A.R.C. Troopers (Advanced Recon Commandos)
Clone Commandos:
  Highly skilled clone troopers who usually fought in a group of four, Clone Commandos were assigned missions normal troopers could not handle, such as: Demolition, Assassination, or Covert infiltration missions. Commandos were equipped with the most skilled weapons for their tasks, their main weapon was the DC-17 assault rifle, which could be changed into a sniper rifle and also had an anti-armor attachment which was basically a grenade launcher, and used the DC-15 blaster pistol as a side-arm, which came in handy since it never ran out of ammo, but just charged back up.  The commandos also had EMP grenades or ''droid poppers'', Flash-bang grenades, Ion grenades, Stun grenades, and Frag grenades. One of the most skilled Commando squads was Delta Squad, which had: Delta RC-1138 ''Boss'', Delta RC-1140 ''Fixer'', Delta RC-1207 ''Sev'' and Delta RC-1262 ''Scorch''.  Delta Squad helped destroy a important droid factory and killed Poggle the Lesser's chief lieutenant, Sun Fac on Geonosis and carried out many other important missions throughout the Clone Wars. So now we have all the information about Clone Commandos, lets talk about the A.R.C. Troopers. 

A.R.C. Troopers (Advanced Recon Commandos):
  Highly trained clone troopers who were the most skilled in the galaxy, A.R.C. Troopers (Advanced Recon Commandos) proved to be the best of the best. Although less numerous than other clones, A.R.C. troopers were the Elites of the normal troopers.  When Jango Fett thought there should be a type of clone that were capable of handling missions that normal troopers were not capable of.  Unlike Commandos, A.R.C.'s were not applied with the standard behavior than other clones and enhanced their prime clone's genetic sample to increase their physical prowess.  A.R.C.'s were specially trained that allowed them to act without thinking.  In the outcome, though, most A.R.C.'s were instead incharge of leading troops on the battlefield, incharge of training soldiers, and were given experimental weapons and armor.  A.R.C. troopers were the first to wear and test out the Experimental Phase II armor.  A.R.C.'s were also given a color rank system, like the original clones at the beginning of the Clone Wars, which is: Green=Sargent, Blue=Lieutenant, Red=Captain, and Yellow=Commander.  Sargents were incharge of small squads for special missions, Lieutenants were the most common A.R.C.'s during the Clone Wars, Capatins were incharge of all lower ranked A.R.C.'s, Commandos, and normal troopers, and the Commanders were the mot skilled minded of all the other A.R.C.'s and were not originally from the Alpha-class A.R.C.'s, but were normal field commanders who were trained as A.R.C.'s.  The A.R.C.'s weapons were usually two DC-17 blaster pistols, DC-15A blaster rifle, DC-15S blaster rifle, and epuipped with Frag grenades, EMP grenades, Ion grenades, mines, and a Reverse-polarity pulse grenade, along with special wepons such as the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, PLX-1 portable missile launcher and the reciprocating quad blaster.  There were other A.R.C.'s such as the A.R.C. pilot and A.R.C. heavy gunner.  And now that we have all of the information on both people, its time to decide which is better.

Final Results: 
Clone Commando:
Weapons: 10
Skills: 10
Power: 8
Leading skills: 10
Alone: 9
Team: 10
Total: 57

A.R.C. Trooper (Advanced Recon Commando):
Skills: 10
Power: 9
Leading skills: 9
Alone: 10
Team: 10
Total: 58

By the looks, the A.R.C. trooper seems to be more powerful than the Clone Commando.  But you guys can still can vote, and look back soon for a all new WHO WILL WIN!? 

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