Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th!/ Star Wars Monthly News

  Happy 4th everyone! First off I have some bad news to all you prequel move lovers.  I researched around the web and found out that the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront reboot game that we all have been wanting so much might not include anything to do with the prequel trilogy and just focus on the original and new movies.  This struck me very hard as I myself am a prequel fan with the Clone Wars.  But this could change, since the developers haven't confirmed it yet.  Also on SWBF, an article from has reviled that SWBF's release date may be delayed.  It is said that it will come out in summer 2015, but since Episode VII will come out in December 2015, that might cause the game to also be released sometime around the movies release.  But until they have finally confirmed it, stay tuned on more SWBF news.

  On other news, Harrison Ford (A.K.A. Han Solo) broke his leg on the door of the Millennium Falcon during the shooting of Episode VII, producers say that ''Harrison is doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon''. So lets all hope he gets better soon.  Until next time, stay tuned for more Star Wars Monthly News!

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