Saturday, September 6, 2014

Star Wars Monthly News

  Hello Star Wars fans!  It is now September, which means I got some news for you.  First off, the new series Star Wars: Rebels, will soon air on Disney Channel (for the movie) and then stay on Disney XD.  There are so many news being posted on Facebook about this new show.  The Inquisitor (one of the main bad guys on the show) looks very fascinating with his one-to-double-bladed spinning lightsaber and cool British (or whatever they call it in Star Wars) bad guy accent.  And then there is Kanan Jarrus with his blue two-piece-put-together lightsaber and Ezra Bridger with his blue colored lightsaber that has another lightsaber attached to it which looks like a hilt guard.  So far there are a lot of cool and new types of lightsabers in this new series.  Again, the Star Wars: Rebels movie will air on Disney Channel on October 13, 2014 and then the series will be on Disney XD.  The show is to be set fourteen years after Episode III.  

Here is a video showing Ezra interact with an Imperial Pilot:
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