Sunday, November 2, 2014

Star Wars Monthly News

  I am sorry everyone that I have not been posting for a while, but dang do I have a lot of news for you guys.  First off, the new Star Wars show Star Wars: Rebels has finally been released on Disney XD with 3 episodes already.  A 14 year old orphan named Ezra was stealing some Imperial supply crates when a group of rebels come along and try to steal those crates too, ending with Ezra hitching a ride onto their ship, The Ghost.  After a long fight, Kanan, a Jedi who survived Order 66, has taken Ezra as his Padawan and teaching him the ways of the force.  Although now that word is out that there is a Jedi and his apprentice alive, the Empire has called upon The Inquisitor, a deadly assassin trained by Darth Vader to hunt down Jedi who survived Order 66.  So far in this series a lot has happened from High Tech weapons that have wiped out an entire species, to a stolen TIE Fighter, to even a rescue mission to save a great Jedi Master, I'm sure I'm speaking for all Star Wars fans when I say, I can't wait to see whats happening next in this series!

  In other news, DICE, creators of the upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront, for Next-Gen Consoles only (Xbox One, Windows and Playstation 4) have finally announced that it will come out sometime Holiday 2015, which is exiting news seeing that they were looking at moving it to 2016 since they wanted to release it by the time the new movie was going to be released.  They also announced that they would not include the Clone Wars or any of the Prequel Trilogy in the main campaign of the game, which has disappointed me, but there is a chance they will be adding the Clone Wars as a DLC pack like DICE's other famous Battlefield series.

  Well, thats all the news for now, but remember to follow my Facebook page: Click Here, and get all the latest news on Star Wars.  Remember, may the force be with you, always!

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