Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront E3 2015 Multiplayer Gameplay Demo

  It is time ladies and gentlemen!  Finally, we are given actual gameplay for the upcoming game, Star Wars Battlefront!  I was at first skeptical about this game when I heard some of its problems, but after seeing this, I am blown away at what DICE has done.  As you will see in the video below, a massive multiplayer battle is going down on the ice planet Hoth.  The video will show you all, and I mean all, perspectives in this game, from 3rd person, to 1st person, from AT-AT to Snowspeeder, from TIE fighter to X-wing, from Rebel soldier to Snow trooper, this demo has everything!  This gameplay looks as if your taking part in the actual battle of Hoth.  Your a rebel, walking into the battlefield, with TIE fighters and X-wings flying over you, with enemy Snow troopers attacking you.  Then you need to take uplinks (basically like domination), and then your attacked by Darth Vader, with Luke Skywalker going in to stop him.  This gameplay is by far the most intense Star Wars gameplay I've ever seen in a Star Wars game.  Now with further ado, I present you the E3 2015 Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Gameplay demo!


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