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Jedi who survived Order 66

Sadly at the end of the Clone Wars all of the clones all over the galaxy were given the order from Chancellor Palpatine to execute the Jedi.  Only a few Jedi survived Order 66.  Here is a list of a few:
Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos was a Jedi who first appeared as a cameo in Episode I.

Quinlan Vos seen sitting at a table in Episode I (He is the person on the left with the yellow line on his face)
During the battle of Kasshyyyk Quinlan's troopers recived the order and blasted at him standing on a tank.  Thinking that he was dead, Quinlan realizes that his men have betrays him, he thinks if this is happening all over the galaxy.  Left on the planet, Quinlan tries to get off the planet and searches for the second Sith lord he has been looking for the whole war.  He was also Aayla Secura's master.

Quinlan Vos
Quinlanvos detail.png
Quinlan Vos ambushed during Order 66
 Republic 82 16.jpg

Jedi master Zao

Master Zao was a Jedi who was blind.  He didn't do much missions but was good at cooking.  He built his lightsaber to connect to his cane.  During Order 66, Zao was disguised as a poor old man.  Luckily the clones didn't notice that he was a Jedi.  Know knowing that the republic is destroyed the Sith took over the galaxy, Zao traveled all around planets for his cooking.

Jedi master Zao
Zao in disguise during Order 66
Zao survivor.jpg

Obi-wan Kenobi (Ben Kenobi)

Obi-wan Kenobi was a Jedi who was trained by Master Qui-gon Jinn.  After his master's death on the planet Naboo from a Sith lord, Obi-wan became a Jedi knight and taught a Jedi called Anakin Skywalker who the Jedi saw as the ''Chosen one''.  During the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker became a Jedi knight, making Obi-wan a Jedi master.  During the third year of the Clone wars, Obi-wan was chosen to go to the planet Upatou (upa-taw) to eliminate the horrible cyborg, General Grivious, a killing machine.  Once 
Obi-wan finally eliminated General Grivious, all that was left was the enemy B1-battledroids,
B2-superbattledroids and droidikas'.  Obi-wan and the 212th Legion took out the droids.  But when 
Obi-wan was going up to the higher level his second-in-command, Commander Cody received Order 66.  Seconds later, the commander ordered a AT-TE to fire at the general.  Once got hit by his own men,
Obi-wan and Bogi fell into the huge water pit.  Obi-wan made it out alive and almost got caught by three prob droids, who were sent down to see if he was dead, got eaten by a sea monster.  Escaping the planet with General Grivious' starship, Obi-wan is found by Jedi grand master Yoda and senator Bail Organa, escaping from the planet Courusant from the attack of the Jedi temple.  Days later Obi-wan goes to Tatooine with young Luke Skywalker and gives him to some relatives of Anakin Skywalker.  For two decades Obi-wan has been on Tatooine, watching young Skywalker waiting for the right time.

Obi-wan Kenobi as a padawan
Obi-wan Kenobi as a Jedi knight before the Clone Wars
Obi-Wan The Moment of Truth.jpg
Obi-wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars
Kenobi Jedi armor.jpg
Obi-wan Kenobi around the third year of the Clone Wars

Ben Kenobi
Old Ben.jpg

Jedi grand master Yoda 

Master Yoda was the first Jedi to be in the Jedi order.  Taught from a mysterious being on the planet when his ship crashed, Yoda taught lots of Jedi, staring the Jedi order.  In the third year of the Clone Wars, Yoda was sent to the planet Kasshyyyk to help the wookies from the CIS invasion.  During the battle, Yoda's second-in-command, Commander Gree, revived Order 66.  Sneaking up behind Yoda, Gree and a scout trooper raise there weapons but Yoda slices there heads off.  Afterwards, Yoda escaped Kasshyyyk and was found by senator Bail Organa, Yoda later Goes to Dagabough and hides there from the clones.

Yoda being trained by master Gormo
Gormo Training Yoda.JPG
Yoda CN.jpg
 Yoda lands on Dagabough

Bultar Swan

Bultar Swan was a Jedi knight in the galactic republic.  She was a master swordsman in the Jedi arts.  She survived the Jedi Purge along with a few other Jedi and planned an attack on Darth Vader.  All of the Jedi fought against Vader, finally, Swan cut off Vader's fighting hand, leaving him useless on the floor.  But Swan could not strike an un-armed opponent, causing the Jedi master Koffi Arana to take her lightsaber and stab her, But ended up dieing  from Vader.

Jedi knight Bultar Swan
Bultar Swan on Geonosis alongside Coleman Trebor
Perso swan bultar 1.jpg
Bultar Swan being stabbed by Jedi master Koffi Arana
Swan death.jpg

Koffi Arana

Koffi Arana was a Jedi master in the Galactic republic.  He survived Order 66 and joined Jedi knight Bultar Swan and seven more Jedi to eliminate Darth Vader.  When Bultar Swan unhanded Darth Vader, but refused to kill an un-armed opponent, and refused to give Koffi her lightsaber, Koffi took her lightsaber and stabbed her, leaving Vader to him.  Now that Koffi had a weapon, he had the chance to kill Vader.  But as he jumped to stab him, Vader used the force to stab Koffi with a knife, causing Koffi to die.

Jedi master Koffi
Koffi and the seven other Jedi who are about to strike Vader
Koffi being stabbed by Vader
Arana Death.jpg

Shakk Tii

Shakk Tii was a member of the Jedi Council in the last days of the Clone Wars.  She went to Felucia to train Jedi to make a new Order.  She was one of the last Jedi Council Members to survive Order 66.  She was killed by a Sith Lord named Star Killer, Darth Vader's ''secret'' apprentice.

Shakk Tii
Shaak Ti closeup.jpg

Shakk Tii fights Darth Vader's ''secret'' apprentice, Star Killer
ShaakTi vs Starkiller.jpg


  1. This is very inaccurate, shakk Ti was killed by grevious before order 66

    1. Fool, your disny heresy is not canon, if you are not a fan than leave this site and go watch your Disney channel.

  2. This is very inaccurate, shakk Ti was killed by grevious before order 66

    1. That was a deleted scene, but it is inaccurate, as it is shown that she was stabbed in the back by Anakin while she was meditating during the raid on the Jedi Temple (which was originally another deleted scene). I will soon post a more updated version of this. Stay tuned!

  3. Yoda did not start the Jedi order. This post is full of inaccuracies. Your oppinion on who should set the canon of Star Wars history is irrelevant. Lucas Arts set the canon with advice from George Lucas himself.

    1. I understand that this article is no longer canon, or that Yoda created the jedi Order, but you must understand that it has been a long time since I made this article, and its not my best. I will post an update of this article soon. Stay tuned!