Thursday, February 16, 2012

Star wars kinect-E3 2011 Xbox-360

Heres a new star wars game for the Xbox-360 Kenect.  Its called the Star wars Kenect.  This will be released April 3,2012.

If you want to Pre-order this game Click Here

Here is demo gameplay of the game:

From Amazon:

Product Description
From the Manufacturer
Feel the Force as you transform yourself into a Jedi. Fully harnesses the power of the Kinect platform to deliver a natural and intuitive Star Wars experience.

Product Features
The power of Kinect places you in the "Star Wars" universe – no controller required
·         With no controller in the way you can live out the ultimate "Star Wars" fantasy
·         Stunning visuals transport you into the worlds of many of the movies, complete with the iconic characters, vehicles, ships and droids that you'd expect
Kinect Star Wars offers immersive "Star Wars" adventures for everyone
·         Fulfill your destiny as a Jedi, pilot iconic ships and Speeder Bikes, race Pods, and much more.
·         Share the fun with friends through co-op and competitive modes
·         With multiple difficulty levels playable simultaneously, fans of all levels can enjoy the game together

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