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Clone Troopers During the years of war

During the Years of war, clone troopers changed.  They started from (Phase I) armor to (Phase II) armor, but it didn't just start like that.  During the years of the Clone Wars, people came up with more ideas of how they looked.

Clone Trooper (Phase I) era

During the beginning of the Clone Wars, Clone troopers first wore (Phase I) armor.

(Phase I) Clone Trooper

Armor features: (Phase I) armor had a fin at the top of the helmet, a T shape on the helmet, and the armor was not as suitable for men, and was difficult to move in.  The had comlinks on the wrists, a belt with important things above the hip, there was holster to hold there pistols, some pockets to keep there detonators/ Grenades, in.  During the very beginning of the Clone Wars, Clone troopers painted there armor to show there ranks.

Chain of Command (Early days of the war)

White: Trooper
Green: Sergent
Red: Captain
Yellow: Lieutenant/ Pilot
Blue: Commander

(Phase I) Clone Trooper Sergent
(Phase I) Clone Trooper Captain
(Phase I) Clone Trooper lieutenant
(Phase I) Clone Trooper Pilot
(Phase I) Clone Trooper Commander
Skilled men

During the early years of the Clone Wars, people needed some skilled clone troopers to do special missions a normal clone trooper can't do, so they thought of ARC troopers.  ARC troopers stand for ''Advanced Recon Commandos'', they are the best of the best.  They were secretly trained with more experience then the normal clones.  They also had different clothing then normal men.

(Phase I) ARC trooper
Armor Features: (Phase I) ARC armor had a fin at the top of the helmet and a T shape (like normal troopers), they also had a antenna at the side of there helmet to see in the dark, they also had a ammo packet on their chest, they had a belt like other clones, and had a thing over the top of there chest, and a clothe on the bottom of there waist.  ARC's usually had two blaster pistols and sometimes had special weapons like rocket launchers, light machine guns, etc.  They sometimes adopted colors for there armor, like Commander Fox adopted the color red for his armor.  Normal ARC's mostly wore blue colored armor.

(Phase I) Blue ARC trooper

(Phase I) Yellow ARC trooper

(Phase I) Red ARC trooper

Clone Commandos

Clone Commandos were as skilled as ARC's, but were chosen for more important missions, such as rescue, hunt and kill, capture, and protect.  The first Commandos to have a mission was a squad known as Delta Squad, they were to find and kill the Geonosion luitenit Sun-fact, Poggle the Lesser's right-hand-man.  They succeeded and were next to find a underground droid factory since another Commando Squad failed.

Clone Commando
Armor Features: A clone commando had no fin on top of the helmet, but had a T shape like other clones, Their machine gun could switch into multiple sorts of weapons, such as a machine gun, a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher.  They had no belt but carried detonators/ grenades.  Their helmet had a sensor for when it is dark they can turn on night vision, also if their visor got dirty, there sensor would clean it off, like a windshield wiper.  They also adopted colors for their armor, such as red, blue, orange, purple, white, black, etc.

Yellow Clone Commando

Green Clone Commando

Orange Clone Commando

Camo Clone Commando

Red Clone Commando

Clone Trooper Experimental era

During the second year of the Clone Wars, people started coming up with new armor for clone troopers.  They also started painting there armor the way they wanted.  And high ranks would just wear there ranked armor.

ARF Trooper

ARF trooper stands for ''Advanced Recon fielder''.  They were the third best soldier behind Clone Commandos and ARC troopers.  They were highly intelligent and were mostly scouts.

(Phase I) ARF Trooper

Armor Features: ARF troopers had a visor on the helmet and small eye holes, they mostly used a blaster rifle and no pistols, they wore belts and had normal clone armor.  Some had camo armor for stealth missions.

Experimental (Phase II) ARC Trooper

During the clone wars, people started working on new armor for the clone troopers, they tested it on ARC troopers.
Armor Features: Experimental (Phase II) ARC troopers usually wore the same armor as the (Phase I) armor, but some added (Phase II) parts, they added two breathing holes under the T shape, and the T shape is not as big as the (Phase I) armor.  As other men, Experimental (Phase II) ARC troopers could adopt their armor color, there were red, yellow and blue.

Red Experimental (Phase II) ARC trooper
Yellow Experimental (Phase II) ARC trooper

Blue Experimental (Phase II) ARC trooper

Later Years 

During the last year of the Clone Wars, people finally came out with the new (Phase II) armor.

(Phase II) Clone Trooper

Armor Features: (Phase II) clone troopers replaced the fins on there helmets and made the T shape smaller, it was more suitable for the men and they could move around better.  They mostly used blaster rifles and they could paint there armor.

(Phase II) Clone Troopers

Ending days

After the Clone Wars, the Clone Army became the Imperial Army.  They changed their suits two more one more time until they made a perminite suit.

Storm Trooper

The final suit for the clone trooper's/ storm troopers was very different from the previous armor's.  They made smaller eye holes, there armor was clear white, and they got rid of the T shape.

Storm Trooper
Other suits

The Empire also made some more suits based on the inviorment, such as a Snow Trooper would have a backpack,a skirt, and a cooling system built into the suit to keep worm on cold planets.

Snow Trooper

They also had a Scout trooper armor, it had a small pistol holster at the bottom of their shoes.  Their armor is like the ARF trooper armor.

Scout Trooper

There was also a Imperial guard armor, they were to protect important people such as senators, and the Emperor.  They had bright red robes and had a force pike instead of a pistol.

Imperial Red Guard


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