Friday, August 10, 2012

Domino Squad

Domino squad was a squad of clone troopers during the Clone Wars.  Sadly, that squad had the worst luck.

number: CT-21-0484
nickname: Echo
died: Lola Saya (died in a explosion trying to get to a ship that was under fire)

Echo was technically the leader of the squad, but since the members kept dying, it was just him and fives.  Sadly, his life came to a end when he tried to get to a ship under fire and the ship exploded.

number: CT-782
nickname: Heavy
died: Risha moon (Sacrificed himself by setting off a bomb that was not yet detonated, but died in the explosion)

Heavy was a stubern clone, but always got the job done.  Sadly, he made a sacrifice to save Kamino (the clone army's home planet) from being invaded my the CIS.  He made the ultimate sacrifice by detonating a bomb to destroy the Rishi moon and died in the explosion.  His sacrifice is one of the saddest sacrifices in the clone army.

number: CT-27-5555
nickname: Fives

Fives is the last survive in the squad, hopefully he won't die in the next season.

number: CT-00-2010
nickname: Droidbait
died: Rishi moon (Killed by 4 droids)

Droidbait got his name because of the reason he died, 4 Commando droids surrounding him while he was on the ground and shot him all over.

number: CT-4040
nickname: Cutup
died: Rishi moon (Eaten by suprise by a Rishi eel)

Cutup was a good soldier, but he was killed when him and the other members escaped the base and went outside of it when all of a sudden he was killed by suprise by a Rishi eel.

Here is a video about Domino Squad:

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