Monday, June 3, 2013

Star Wars facts and news

  This month is an important month, the first month of summer!  Although, for the sad news, they don't show any new episodes for Star Wars the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  But, they are still giving news about Episode IIV, IIIV, and IX, even though there are no actual trailers for the movie yet, just fan-made trailers.

The character of the month is Jedi master Shakk Ti, a female Torgruta, like the other Jedi Padawan Asoka Tano.  She has a strange story, there are many ways she died, one was a deleted scene in episode III where General Grevious ca[captures her when trying to save the chancellor from the General, and when Obi-wan and Anakin come into the room with Grevious and Shakk Ti, he stabs her in the back, which is like another way she died, during the attack on the Jedi temple, Shakk Ti is meditating in the meditation room when anakin walks in and stabs her in the back.  But the real way she died is on Dagobagh when Darth Vader's secret apprentice comes to the planet and makes her fall into a huge pit, killing herself.  Shakk Ti survived the Clone Wars, making her one of the Jedi surviving Order 66.  She was on the Jedi Council during the last days of the republic, and is a powerful Jedi to be in the order.

Shakk Ti
Shaak Ti closeup

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