Monday, July 8, 2013

Star Wars facts and news

  Happy 4th everyone!  This month we are getting closer and closer to new star wars things, like the new season of Star Wars the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and the new series of star wars movies Episodes  IIV, IIIV, and X coming out in 2015 and later, plus upcoming news on the new star wars battlefront game, the creators of the hit game ''Battlefield'' are restarting the Battlefront series, there will be more news on this as it gets closer to further details, and not to mention Episode II Attack of the Clones comes out sometime in 2013 or 14.

Star Wars new Battlefront game might come out sometime in 2015

  This month's character of the month is Commander Blitz, one of the famous ''Three Brothers'' which was the first post ever to be put on this blog!  Blitz was a ARC trooper in experimental Phase II armor, which was the color yellow.  His future isn't much told, but he appeared in Star Wars the Clone Wars on Kamino, he along with his two brothers were in charge of  the recruits to see what cadet squads would become clone troopers.  Blitz was on Kamino when it was under attack by the Separatists and was in charge of making sure no Trident droids would breach the clone facilities.  There is no more information about what happens after the battle of Kamino.

Commander Blitz

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