Monday, January 16, 2012

The three brothers

The 3 brothers
This is the picture of Commander colt. A ARC trooper in experimental Phase 2 armor. Chosen with two other ARC's to test this armor. You can tell its not phase 2 armor because the helmet still has the flipper which will be replaced. But it's almost ready to be made into a Phase 2 armored clone. Sadly Colt never got to see the new armor because of his sacrafice on the Battle of Kamino when he told the rest of the men to fall back from the enemy Aqua droids. Sadly Colt got stabbed in the chest by Asajj Ventress. Although he never made it till that day. His sacrafice saved many clones from being killed that day. Colt was the best of the three brothers. These three brothers were in charge of the simulations on Kamino along side with Jedi master Shakk Ty and two bounty hunters.

One of the three brothers also wearing experimental phase 2 armor.  He also died on the battle of Kamino when distracted by a clone named 99 when Aqua droids shot one of the three brothers in the back, head and chest.  No one knows the name of this brother.

This is Commander Blitz, one of the three brothers.  Blitz was the only one of the three brothers who survived the battle of Kamino.  He also wore the experimental phase 2 armor.

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