Monday, January 16, 2012

Star Wars facts and news

I love Star Wars and wanted to put some facts about it for you guys. I've been looking on the web and saw that Darth Maul is going to be on Star Wars The Clone Wars this spring on Cartoon Network. Also for those who like Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2, there is a new game coming out this year, Star Wars Battlefront 3! Thanks to Lucas Arts the new game is hopefully scheduled for January 2012, the latest beingFebruary.

  Also if you didn't know,on the battle of Geonosis which was in episode 2 (Attack of the clones), the color of the clone trooper's armor was their rank:

 White  = Trooper
 Green  = Sargent
 Yellow = Lieutenant/Pilot
 Red  = Captain
 Blue  =Commander

But after that battle there became Legions which had a color to tell which unit they were in. Here are some examples:

Blue armor is the 501st Legion
   Leader: Anakin Skywalker
     Second-in-command: Capitan Rex

Orange armor is the 212th Legion
   Leader:Obi-wan Kenobi
    Second-in-command: Commander Cody

Yellow armor is the Starcorps
   Leader:Ayla Secura
    Second-in-command: Commander Bly

Purple/Vilot armor is the Galactic Marines
    Second-in-command: Commander Bacara

Red armor is the Senate guards
  Leader:Chancellor Palpatine
   Second-in-command:Commander Fox

White/normal armor is just a basic clone trooper

Light Red armor is the Wolf pack/Plo Koons Legion
   Leader: Plo Koon
    Second-in-command, Commander Wolf

Green/Camouflaged armor is Yoda's Legion
   Leader: Yoda
    Second-in-command: Commander Gree

 This Month's ARC trooper is Commander Colt. He has Experimental Phase 2 armor. Sadly he sacrificed himself by sending all the clone troopers back and holding off the enemy Aqua droids on the planet Kamino, which is the home planet of the clone troopers. He was the best of his two other brothers, but he was the only one to survive. Commander Blitz which was the yellow colored armored experimental Phase 2 ARC trooper.

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