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Clone sacrifices

Lots of clone troopers sacrifice themselves during the war, here is a list of the best clone troopers.

Hevy was the best clone of Domino squad.  He sacrificed himself on the Rishi Moon so the Separatists wouldn't take it over.  He told all of the Domino squad including Captain Rex (501st Legion)  and Commander Cody  (212th Legion).  When he got shot in the back, Hevy was horribly wounded.  ''Do we take hostages?'' Battle droid said, ''I don't!'' was Hevy's last words.  He blew up the whole Rishi outpost so many clones wouldn't die.  Hevy was a great man.  He gave his life for his squad, republic and all of the Clone troopers everywhere in the galaxy.

Hevy as a cadet

Hevy as a rookie                                                

The explosion of the Rishi moon, causing Hevy's death

Hardcase was a clone trooper from the 501st Legion.  He teamed up with Captain Rex and the other clones on the planet Umbara to search for the missing escape pods that were launched from General Grievious'  ship.   Grievious' ship was destroyed.  The Umbarans attacked the republic's reinforcements in space.  ARC trooper Fives, 501st trooper Jesse and Hardcase disobeyed orders from Jedi Master Krell.   They went into space to destroy the enemy control ship so it would not stop the clone reinforcements from landing on the planet.

Sadly Hardcase sacrificed himself when he told Fives and Jesse to go without him when he threw his ship's engine at the  power generators.  ''Live to fight another day boys, live to fight another day'' were Hardcase's final words.  He saved many clones from being killed that day.  He was a brave soldier.

 Hardcase (middle) in (phase 1) armor

Hardcase and Fives on Umbara

Hardcase controlling a Umbaran star fighter

Hardcase sacrificing himself when he through's his star fighter engine into the power generator

Waxer was a clone trooper from the 212th Legion.  He and Boil were the best of Commander Cody's company, Ghost Company.  He and Boil were chosen on the planet Ryloth when the separatists invaded the planet.  Sadly on the planet Umbara, Waxer was given the order to attack the enemy Umbarin's who were in the 501st Legion's armor.  But it turned out to be the real 501st Legion.  Sadly Waxer got shot.  He said to captain Rex that Jedi master Krell told them that the enemy's were wearing are armor.  Which is what Krell told Rex also.

Waxer in (Phase 1) armor on Ryloth

Waxer meets a Twikilat named Numa on the planet Ryloth

Waxer and Boil in ARF trooper armor on Geonosis

Waxer in (Phase 2) armor on Umbara

Waxer sheds a tear as he finds out that he killed his own brothers, seconds later, died

Commander Colt
Commander Colt was a ARC trooper of the Galactic republic.  He was chosen with three other brothers to test experimental Phase 2 armor.  He sacrificed himself when there were lots of enemy aqua droids coming at him and his men.  He told all of his men to fall back and he will try to hold the enemy's off.  Sadly he got stabbed in the chest by Assajj Ventress.

Colt in his experimental Phase 2 armor

Commander Colt during the battle of Kamino

Colt stabbed in the chest by Assajj Ventress, (then kissed)

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